About Empathetic Presence

Empathetic Presence teaches us to be present with our core feelings and needs so that we can more positively and actively engage in the world. Unconsciously, we hold many feelings, needs, and beliefs that, unexplored, manifest into countless difficulties throughout our life. Empathetic Presence is not about pushing to become who we want to be; Empathetic Presence is about being empathic with who we are. Through becoming more in tune with our presence—our most current feelings, needs, and desires—we are able to see through the veil of our past memories and future projections that keep us locked out of being who we truly are…now.

As we practice attuning to what arises in each moment, we discover the contours of our individual inner landscape. Through that understanding, we have the ability to cultivate self-compassion and acceptance. Based upon this idea, Empathetic Presence is a coaching method of inquiry where we do not diagnose or label any ailments, but aim to be more present and open to what is.

Empathetic Presence holds its grounding in the premise that nothing is wrong with us that needs to be fixed; we just need to be more attuned to our most true feelings and needs that make us who we are. Our feelings and needs, just like us, require a certain amount of understanding—empathy—that they are acting from a place of support. It is all too easy to forget, or never realize, that these needs arise for a reason, are real, and are trying to give us something important. Without that understanding, our judgments of our feelings and needs continually cripple us. No matter how much our intellectualized mind tells us that we don’t want to have certain feelings, the truth is that we have them; and, if we can see them for what they are, and give them empathy, they can help us along the way to becoming better, more content, more grounded human beings.

Empathetic Presence uses western practices such as Nonviolent Communication, Internal Family Systems work, and Inner Empathy, and then combines them with eastern, non-dual, mindfulness practices to facilitate an emergence of wholeness and being. In an Empathetic Presence session, we will support you in connecting with your most present feelings, needs, and desires, and help you gain empathy towards them. This process will you give you the skills and confidence to continually face these misalignments in the future so that you can continually, and more deeply, connect with yourself.

You can read more information about Empathetic Presence sessions or schedule one here.