One-With-One Sessions

One-With-One Empathetic Presence Phone or In-Person Coaching Sessions

I am available for private coaching sessions in-person, via phone or Skype. Rates are listed below. If you would like to schedule a free brief conversation to determine whether we can work together effectively, please call 585-506-6505 or email a request.

Empathetic Presence Sessions Are A Different Kind Of Contribution

An Empathetic Presence session is not a therapy session. Empathetic Presence is a coaching method of inquiry where you learn to hold empathetic and compassionate presence for whatever emerges in your experience.  In an Empathetic Presence session, there is no need to diagnose, analyze or label you according to some theoretical ideal of what is and is not psychologically healthy. The facilitator’s non-judgmental care and acceptance of whatever emerges contribute toward creating a sense of comfort and ease.

Empathetic Presence is not based upon the premise that something is wrong with you that needs to be fixed. Empathetic Presence is based upon the premise that empathetic awareness is available to you now to connect with all aspects of yourself, feelings, and needs. Holding such empathetic presence for the various un/conscious aspects of your inner landscape can inspire natural, self-corrective shifts. Your well-being will be self-defined and based upon the choices you make based upon your unique set of needs and values.

What to Expect From an Empathetic Presence Session

The session is a facilitated open inner landscape discovery process. After a brief discussion to determine the focus of the inquiry, you will be coached by the facilitator with various prompts which are attempting to inspire awareness of, or deepen your connection with, whatever is spontaneously arising during the session.  Because awareness presents itself as a flowing stream, we tease apart aspects of this stream and call them parts.  We do this to facilitate connection with the part, not to diagnose or label. A part can present itself in a variety of ways including bodily sensations, thoughts, and feelings.

During the session, you might be asked to determine what a part of you was feeling or what this part was wanting in a particular context.  Maybe a part will enjoy being heard, maybe it will be terrified to speak up, or maybe another part doesn’t want it to speak.  Sometimes our parts have a lot of judgments and we might allow the judgments to be heard about someone or something.  Or maybe a lot of “figuring out” thinking is happening with a part and you are prompted to listen to this thinking.  Either way, you will experience that any response to these prompts is okay.

There is no right or wrong way to participate in an Empathetic Presence session.  I will help you create a space where there is nothing you have to do or know, understand or figure out.  There is nothing you have to change or fix.  We can compassionately connect to whatever arises in your experience. This is powerful experiential work and is different than “talk therapy.”

Some people find this Empathetic Presence approach uncomfortable or confusing because they are accustomed to a lot of effort to overcome, eradicate, or change something inside. Some fear that moving away from these effort-filled strategies will be a waste of time and ineffective. It might be helpful for new folks to view the Empathetic Presence work as coming from a different paradigm and to adopt a “wait and see” attitude to allow the Empathetic Presence practice to work on a deep level.  Each session creates a quality of awareness and connection with aspects of ourselves that stimulate our self-adjusting mechanisms to kick-in and facilitates effortless self-corrections.  These effortless self-corrections don’t require ongoing effort to maintain; they become permanent changes.

If you would like to experience this different approach, please schedule a session below.


Schedule Your Empathetic Presence Session

To schedule an appointment, simply call 585-506-6505 or e-mail me.  When sending an email, or when leaving a phone message, please include:

  • your preferred dates and times (sessions may be scheduled Mondays through Fridays during the daytime and evening hours (Eastern Time Zone).
  • your email, phone number(s) and best time to reach you.

Money-Back Guarantee

My intention is to support people who are an excellent fit for the work.  If you are not satisfied with your Empathetic Presence session for any reason, we will refund your money for that session.

Method of Payment

Payment needs to received 24 hours before the start of your session.  If payment is not received 24 hours before the session start time, your time slot may be given to another person on our waiting list.

Use the buttons below to pay by credit card. To pay by check please send your check to the address below in time for it to be received before the start of the session. Make checks payable to Patty Love and send to:

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