Who benefits from this work

The quick answer is everyone. However, the people who we have generally seen to gain the greatest benefits from Empathetic Presence work are those who have been on a spiritual path and have done some amount of personal growth work already. These people are already accustomed to a certain amount of present moment awareness and are well versed in the idea that we have the power within ourselves to find solutions.

Empathetic Presence work seems to resonate most with:

  • People who can sit with discomfort as it arises.
  • People who are intrinsically motivated and who appreciate bolstering their self-guidance skills, yet who also benefit from having outside contributions.
  • People who enjoy non-confrontational methods of learning.
  • People who are willing to show up authentically and move into vulnerability.
  • People who have done personal growth work and who want to move into the fruition of their path.
  • People who can welcome change into their lives and know that doing deep work can be hard, and can dramatically shift their lives.
  • People who are eager to find out what is true for themselves and refrain from accepting conceptual information without question.
  • People who have done awareness work of some kind and can dis-identify from what is arising in their experience.
  • People who operate or accept the assumption that the answers and solutions are within, and empower themselves with their own self-corrective awareness.
  • People who have the patience and self-supporting willingness to learn over time and give themselves space and room to explore their personal experience.

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